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We are entirely funded by member fees, contributions, and grants.
UUJA membership is on an annual basis, from June 30 of one year
to the next. Membership in UUJA is available to all interested
individuals for $35. Membership renewals may be performed through
the mail, with a check included, according to the information
form below, or in person at the UUJA Annual Business Meeting
which convenes at General Assembly, by cash or check.

When you join, you’re ensuring that UUJA can continue to exist—and grow and thrive! Membership funds our in-person gatherings, website resources, GA programs, congregational consultations, print materials, email lists and more.

We can't do it without you—join now!

If you’d like to be involved as a volunteer, please contact: revleah@uufg.org.

Complete this form and mail to:


Myrtle McMahan, Treasurer
6755 Ridgmar Blvd. #125
Fort Worth, TX  76116