Passover Sunday Morning Order Of Service

by Rev. Elizabeth A. Lerner

Opening Words (#435)
Welcome and Announcements  
Chalice Lighting (#453) - from a Passover Haggadah
Meditation Spoken: Haggadah excerpt
Reading: (#632)
Passover Pageant - hymns to be announced
#214 - Shabbat Shalom
#104 - When Israel Was in Egypt's Land
#220 - Bring Out the Festal Bread
#210 - Wade in the Water
Dayeinu 'For that alone we should have been grateful.'
v.1: If God had brought us out of Egypt but had not split the sea for us, daiyenu
v.2: If God had given us Shabbat, but had not brought us to Mt. Sinai, daiyenu
v.3: If God had brought us into Zion, but had not built the holy Temple, daiyenu
(refrain): Dai-dai-ye-nu, dai-dai-ye-nu, dai-dai-ye-nu, dai-ye-nu dai-ye-nu.
Closing In words: (# 711)
In song:
Go, now, in peace. Go, now, in peace.
May the spirit of Love surround you
Everywhere, everywhere, you may go.
Chalice Extinguishing Carry the flame of peace and love until we meet

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