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Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
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Dear ones, my heart continues to grieve for the Jewish community in Monsey, New York as they grieve and tend to one another. I pray for the wider Jewish community in New York and around the country. This attack was the 13th incident of anti-Semitism in New York in the past three weeks. I am thinking of my Jewish siblings within Unitarian Universalism tonight and our congregations that have experienced acts of violence and acts of vandalism, including anti-Semitic vandalism. The rise in anti-Semitism is real and deadly. Across this country, the rise in hate crimes, against Jews, Muslims, people of color, immigrants, trans people, LGBTQIA+ people - it calls us to do more to resist fear and hate - to speak up in the midst of growing racism, xenophobia and white nationalism. All of these forms of hate foster violence and create fear. As people of goodwill, as people of faith, as Unitarian Universalists, may we remember our calling to nurture the values and practices of compassion and interdependence. May we speak and act and live in ways that foster more compassion, solidarity, and a powerful form of love that “casts out fear” so we might better protect and care for one another, for everyone, for the wholeness of our humanity.

May we remember, even as we acknowledge our capacity as human beings for violence, that there is so much more that is possible for humanity - so much more care and goodness and generosity. When we choose love we nurture that possibility. May we find the resiliency and faith in times of tragedy and violence, to continue to kindle what is life-giving.

And may we all hold each other and our loved ones more closely these days, and be tender with our selves - making room for our grief and for our love.
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness shared a post.
Holidays come in times of joy and sorrow, harmony and violence. On this eighth night of Hanukkah, this is what I shared with my son and his cousins: It is important that we light the candles of the menorah, especially this week when there have been so many acts of violence against Jewish people and this week when the 230 pound community menorah one town over from our home has been maliciously knocked over.

When we are attacked for who we are, for a part of our identity, it is tempting to give into fear. But, we can’t. We must continue to gather to offer blessings, light candles, and tell our stories. And, when someone else is attacked because of a part of who they are, for their identity, we must not give into fear. We must show up with them.

Blessed are those who show up to counter fear, hatred, and oppression. Blessed are the ones who performed the miracles of light, love, and liberation with and for our ancestors in those days. As the candles burn low and are extinguished for another year, may we be the ones to rise up, to show up, and to bring the light.
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
The Board of Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness extends our caring and support to the UU Church of Augusta Georgia following the recent vandalism of their building. We recognize that the anti-Semitic symbols may have been especially disturbing to UUs of Jewish heritage, as well as members of the Jewish community at large.

Virtual Gathering: UUJA – Space for Grief and Healing:
The UUJA recognizes that this incident of vandalism may be a particularly painful reminder to Unitarian Universalists with Jewish identity across our Association. We will host a virtual gathering for people in our faith with Jewish identity who are looking for a space for grief and healing around the rise of anti-Semitic acts on Tuesday, November 26th from 7:00pm - 8:00pm Eastern on Zoom.

You can join us at the following link:

Topic: UUJA - Space for Grief and Healing
Time: Nov 26, 2019 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Many UUs have a connection to Judaism. Whether we are ethnically, culturally or spiritually Jewish, whether we are married to a Jewish person, or simply inspired by Jewish wisdom, we have long had a place in Unitarian Universalism. One of the six sources of our living tradition we draw upon in our worship and religious education is "Jewish and Christian teachings which call us to respond to God's love by loving our neighbors as ourselves."

Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness is committed to supporting Unitarian Universalist Jewish multi-religiosity.

We offer resources to:
• those who have come to Unitarian Universalism from Judaism
• interfaith/multi-religious individuals and families
• religious professionals
• anyone with a personal or spiritual interest in Jewish UU theology, stories, heritage and resources.

We work to help people understand Judaism and the ways it has impacted and continues to develop our Unitarian Universalist faith.
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness
Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness shared a post.
A rabbi's response to our President calling Jews "lacking knowledge and disloyal" if they vote Democratic:

Rabbi Danny Maseng writes:
As a Jew
Since you called me out as a Jew, Mr. President, since you thought to call me disloyal or lacking knowledge by not voting for you, I’d like to respond to you personally, even though I have no illusions you will read this.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I am commanded to love the stranger who dwells among us no less than thirty-six times in the Bible you claim to treasure. I am commanded to have one law for the stranger and the citizen. No exceptions.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I am commanded to pay my employees on time, including undocumented workers at casinos, construction sites, or golf courses.
As a Jew, I am commanded to repay bank loans and investors.
As a Jew, I am commanded to never bear false witness.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I am commanded to guard my tongue and speak no evil.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I am commanded to never embarrass my fellow human being in public, lest I be accused of spilling their blood – including Ted Cruz or the late Senator and war hero, John McCain.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I take great offense in my president attacking Denmark, a country that gallantly saved its Jews from the Nazis, while most of Europe fell asleep.
As a Jew, Mr. President, I take umbrage in my Grandfather, the sainted Dr. Rabbi Harry S. Davidowitz, who inhaled poison gas in the trenches of WWI as a US Army chaplain, being called disloyal because he voted Democrat.
As a Jew, born and raised in Israel, I take offense at you calling me disloyal to America AND to Israel because I oppose your inept, ghoulish, uncouth, deceitful, inhumane farce of leadership. How many tours of duty have you performed for Israel during wartime? Or, for that sake, the USA?
As a Jew, Mr. President, I reserve the right to oppose Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (neither of whom called upon the help of a former KGB operative to help them in their election to office), while simultaneously condemning your divisive, racist rants and policies.
As a Jew who has proud Republican family members who I love and cherish, I am ashamed of what you have done to the Republican party; to conservative ideals – even if I do not share all of those ideals.
As a Jew whose Christian uncle fought heroically at the Battle of the Bulge for our country and for the salvation of Europe – I am ashamed by the mockery you visit upon his sacrifice.
As the son of a Christian pilot, later converted to Judaism, who led American pilots to glorious victory over Nazi Germany, I am outraged by your embrace of neo-Nazi’s and racists in America (that same pilot, who became a squadron commander in the Israeli Air Force, and fought for Israel’s independence).
As a Jew, I am disgraced by your fawning adoration of the worst dictators of our century – you violate Christian and Jewish values by doing so.
As a Jew; as a well-informed Jew who loves and cares deeply for Israel and for America, I condemn you and call you out for the divisive fool, the ogre, the ghoul that you are.
May my soul not enter your council, let me not join your assembly.